Gin&Tonics (ginandtonics) wrote,

She lives!

 Oh, hai!

I'm the worst.

Super busy with derby and wedded bliss and what not.

Something every weekend....either company or dashing off somewhere.

Last weekend I was in the greater Philly area for derby, but stayed with the fam in Yardley, had a nice dinner in New Hope and went down to the Jersey Shore for a rush job beach trip to Cape May! Exhausting!

This weekend we are off to Biloxi for an evening of wagering, then to NOLA tomorrow for a show.  My latest obsession, Dax Riggs.  Do you know him?  A very easy, lazy, but appropriate comparison would be Jack White.  His stuff is blues oriented (I've seen the term "blooze" thrown about, but don't love it), but has a lot of Bowie/glam/rock stuff going on too.

Though I never post, I've got my eye on all of you! Those that cross the ocean for holy matrimony!  Those that bow before the Kross!  Those that NEVER POST! What's up with that?!  I know, I know....pot, kettle, black, blah, blah, blah.

This is my boy Dax.  He's got a crazy NOSE! I love it!

Love all y'all.

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