Gin&Tonics (ginandtonics) wrote,

Holy lord!

I am not even all the way through my first listen of the "new" Raconteurs record! Yowza!

Now that derby is OVER (I am retired! For reals, this time!), I plan to get reconnected with MUSIC!!!  I have been so far out of the loop for so long - just not having the time to be in front of the computer to download stuff onto the ipod, really.

I also dowloaded the "new" Fratellis record to get a little familiar for that show tonight, but just found out it was canceled due to a death in the famil - the whole rest of the tour.  Sad.  Poor boys.  Must be someone very close to pull the plug completely.

The Black Keys are Thursday night which would have been an amazing Trifecta, BUT, we are taking a last minute anniversary trip to New Orleans have multiple shows lined up for every night! Woot NOLA!  Oh! Parks and Jenn...Molly's Iced Coffe are our latest MUST HAVE and we are spreading the word to everyone we drag down there with us! How did we go so long without knowing of them?!?! The Golden Lantern was an even trade, in my opinion!

Okay, hope all you kiddies are well!  Though I've had no time to post, I've been following you all closely!

The Skater Formerly Known as Slam Adams
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