Gin&Tonics (ginandtonics) wrote,

Coffee fail

In case you've abandoned Facebook, you missed the big news that I dumped my venti iced americano all over the office's incoming mail.  I am such a walking disaster.  I need a sippy cup.  I actually wasn't even walking, just standing there.  No clue how it happened.  It took forever to clean up and I would run to find some paper towels and peole would come across it and think I just abandonded the clean up project.  Le sigh.  Now see, I can't express all the intricate nuances of this thrill-a-minute drama on the facebook, right?

Yay Spring! Its been such perfect scooter weather lately! I've taken it to work every day for the past week and a half.

MFK (my friend Karen) gets into town on Thursday afternoon! Woot woot! The only definites are PaulBlartMallCop at 1:35 on Friday and the Celtics game that night - the rest is just whatever.  Yay to a BFF that loves terrible movies.  I think we'll have to do an early lunch with cocktails to maximize our viewing pleasure.  I can't imagine anyone else will be in the theater at 1:35 on a Friday to see a movie that's been out for what, a year now?  Excited!

Oh, and the Forty Fives, previously referred to as the God Damned Forty Fives (since it seems they used to play, like, every fifteen minutes or so, and every show was billed as their last), play at The Star Bar on Friday night with the Woggles and Saturday headlining at the Highland Inn Ballroom.  Between the two, I think we will hit the Saturday night show, as its a way more interesting/change of pace venue.  But being realistic, I can see us ending up at both.

Again, anything that isn't the Celtics or PaulBlart, is a big ol' maybe.

Okay, I need to plug into to my ipod and get some work done.  I start a four month detail into a new position on Monday, so need to get my old work cleared out.

Atlanta people, maybe we will see you out and about this weekendo!
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