Gin&Tonics (ginandtonics) wrote,

No sense of identity lately.

God, I am such a walking talking DISASTER!

As of right now, I have no drivers licence, an expired passport and can't find my social security card.  I'm in such a constant state of discombobulation!  And for the most part, you need one of the above to get a replacement of any of the above.

Though, in looking at the GA DMV information, I can get a replacement licence with a copy of my home owners insurance policy or my auto insurance policy and a copy of last year's tax returns.  Thank the lord for the internets, that I can bring that stuff up online through TurboTax and GEICO, as I'd never be able to lay my hands on either at the house.

Exhausting to live this way.  

Can one go to a hypnotist to be cured of chronic disorganization? I'd pay a king's ransom for it.

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