Gin&Tonics (ginandtonics) wrote,

Contractual obligations

Oh GAWD I hate trying to find contractors!

Electricians, plumbers, HVAC, whatevs.

It's so time consuming to weed through Kudzu reviews and call places and leave messages and wait and hope that they call you back and set up a time to meet them and wait and hope that they remember.

I've had good luck with a few, but gah, it makes me want a personal assistant OR be a "stay at home ______".

I've called six different people from kudzu today.  One actually met me at home at lunchtime, one is coming Saturday morning between 8am and 9am (!), another should be getting back to me within three days, and the others I'm waiting to hear from.  I guess its kind of a wierd vacationny week, too, so I won't get to wound up about it.

The guy who came today has excellent kudzu reviews and is romanian.  He pulled up on a ninja-esque motorcycle and seems sort of swarthy.  I am wondering if our job will be too "small potatoes" for him.  He was like, "This house is old".  Yeah, it is.  I got the "Why on earth would anyone live here?" vibe from him, which I've gotten from contractors before, but I forget that I have the identical knee jerk reaction when I see all the McMansions in the McBurbs that are a dime a dozen around here, so I can't take it personally. 

We want to extend our deck so that it will come to our dining room wall/window and then install french doors to access the deck and give more light to the dining room space.  We want a bay window in the liviing room and need the small bathroom drywalled/painted/tiled.  I am super curious to see what kind of estimates we get as this is kind of our first foray into renovations.

Bore.  Boring.  Bored.
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