Gin&Tonics (ginandtonics) wrote,

Live who?

Oh, LiveJOURNAL!!! I remember that guy! I love that guy.  I need to see what that guy is up to, I MEEES HEEEM!

Hi all! What's up? Not much here!

Spring is got damn springing, praise be, right?  Scooter weather! Bob got a steal of a deal when ATL Scooters was going out of business, so we have been buzzing around lately.  So that's fun.

Work has the potential to be getting better. I have a four month detail into a promotion starting a week from Monday.  A tad more money, but a MUCH better, more interesting, less stressful position.  So that's good.

Getting SO EXCITED for jazzfest! When I first met The Captain, aka Bob, the Bob, my husband, he was all geared up for his annual trip to New Orleans for Jazzfest.  I was like, "Sounds lame."  I don't know what I pictured.  I guess I pictured a JAZZ FESTIVAL, like, lots of KennyG folk and what not? It is seriously the most fun, amazing, fun, fun, fun thing like ever.  And we're going for BOTH weekend this year!  ELEVEN NIGHTS at "the funkiest little hotel in the quarter", on Frenchman Street.  I can't even wrap my mind around it yet.  CANNOT.  The idea is supposed to be that we are really blowing it out this year, so that next year, maybe we will try out another festival, like Austin City Limits or SXSW.  Does CMJ still happen?  Yeah.  So that's exciting.

No more derby for me.  I'm retired and I mean it.  I'm an active retiree and still help out with a practice or something here and there, but that's about it.  I miss my SHOCKS madly truly and deeply but see them on the regular.  So that's good.

There's got to be a zillion other things going on, but them's the basics!

I miss all y'all!

Daley and Rob - SO great to see you last night! You left your gin behind!!!!

Genene - good to cross paths on Friday! You look fabu!

Cland - I don't even think I noticed your honkyness the weekend before last!  But thanks for beeping!!!


New facebook=lame.
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